2021 Starbucks Holiday Cups and Tumblers

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Every holiday season, Starbucks rolls out seasonal cups, mugs, and tumblers. Gift friends and family (or yourself) with these festive, reusable cold and hot cups.

Six photo grid showing five Starbucks holiday cups.

Starbucks Cups

Starbucks sells reusable cold cups, hot cups, tumblers, and water bottles all year. Several times a year, new cup designs are released and sold for a limited time.

In November and December, new batches of reusable cup designs with holiday and festive themed designs are available for purchase. The holiday merchandise is an easy gift idea for Starbucks fans.

All holiday cups are available until supplies last and they sell out fast. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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2021 Holiday Cups

Cold Cup with Color Changing Stripe Straw

Cold Cup with Color Changing Stripe Straw.

Price: $3.95
Cup size: Venti (24 ounces)

Reusable frosty cup for cold beverages to go with a red, green, and white stripe straw that changes color. Try one of their iced holiday drinks like Iced Peppermint Mocha.

Gradient Red Cold Cup

Gradient Red Cold Cup.

Price: $24.95
Cup size: Venti (24 ounces)

A festive, shiny purple with red undertones, this cup is for cold drinks.

Bling Cold Cups

2 Starbucks Bling Cold Cups.

Price: $19.95 each
Cup size: Venti (24 ounces)

Last year, the Bling Cups came in platinum and neon pink. This year, they’re in colors ice and black. These are fan favorites so they sell out pretty quick.

Jeweled Cold Cups

Three Starbucks Jeweled Cold Cups.

Price: $19.95 each
Cup size: Venti (24 ounces)

Jewel toned cold cups with a diamond design are back, and this year, it comes in red, gold, and blue.

Green Gradient Tumbler

Starbucks Green Gradient Tumbler.

Price: $27.95 each
Cup size: Venti (20 ounces)

Venti hot drinks are served in 20 ounce cups and this tumbler is sized the same since it’s meant for hot drinks. A gradient that changes from steel to a festive green.

Green Jeweled Lid Water Bottle

Starbucks Green Jeweled Lid Water Bottle.

Price: $24.95 each
Cup size: Venti (20 ounces)

Stainless steel water bottle with a jewel shaped lid in a pretty green ombre.

Color Changing Hot Cup Set

Starbucks Color Changing Hot Cup Set.

Price: $18.95 for 6 cups
Cup size: Grande (16 ounces)

This pack of 6 grande sized cups for hot drinks change color when hot liquid is added.

Ceramic Gold Mug [Starbucks Reserve Locations Only]

Starbucks Reserve Ceramic Gold Mug .

Price: $19.95

Only available at Starbucks Reserve locations, a gold mug with the the Reserve logo near the handle. Comes in a gift box, ready to be gifted.

Red Floral Mercury Tumbler [Starbucks Reserve Locations Only]

Starbucks Red Floral Mercury Tumbler for hot and cold drinks.

Price: $19.95

A jewel toned with gold leaf accents, this tumbler for cold and hot beverages is also only available in Starbucks Reserve locations.

Questions You May Have

What kind of reusable cups are sold at Starbucks?

Cups for cold drinks with straws, tumblers for hot drinks, and water bottles are all sold at Starbucks.

Do new cups come out every year for the holidays?

Yes! New designs come out every year.

Can I purchase cups online?

Unfortunately, the ones sold by Starbucks can only be purchased at the store locations.


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