Best Coffee Mug Racks

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Save space, organize, and display your coffee cup collection with these handpicked coffee mug racks ranging in price from $15 – $199.

Coffee Mug Racks

If your cabinets are piling up with an assortment of mugs, a coffee mug rack is just the thing you need. Save space and see your entire mug collection displayed and organized with these mug racks.

What to Look for When Buying a Mug Rack

  • Construction material
    What is the mug rack made out of? Wood? Metal? Depending on the look of your home, you want to choose something that is both functional and stylish. 
  • Stand alone versus mounted
    Most mug racks are either designed to stand on your counter in a tree-like shape, or are designed to be mounted to a wall. Depending on the amount of counter space or free wall space you have will help determine which type you should purchase.
  • Number of mug holders
    Do you have a small collection of mugs, or are you a person who picks up a mug on every trip or vacation? Consider the amount of mugs a mug rack can carry and how many you’d like to display. 
  • Assembly
    Some mug racks might require you to put them together, so make sure you read the product descriptions to see if your mug rack might accidentally turn into a construction project.

My Picks for Best Mug Racks

6-Tier Wall Mounted Mug Rack
This black metal mug rack can hold 27 mugs and there’s large spacing between each row to fit mugs of all sizes. If you have the wall space in your kitchen, this rack is perfect for the coffee obessed.
Vintage Blacksmith Wall Mug Rack

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A smaller version of the wall mounted rack above. This one has a more rustic look with a black powdercoat finish. Holds 14 mugs.
Wooden Cubby Display

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Inspired by cubby organizers used in hotels, this scaled down version has 25 cubbies to hold 25 mugs. It’s a bit of a splurge but looks so good.
Kitchen Wall Storage Rack

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Lattice storage rack with 8 hooks to hold everything from coffee mugs to dish towels. Made of mango wood.
Branch Mug Tree

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The hooks are designed to look like tree branches, providing a beautiful piece to display on your counter. Holds 5 mugs.
3-Tier Iron Mug Tree

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This rack stand is made of steel and can hold 15 mugs. The hooks are designed so you can hang the mugs either from the handle or completely upside down to dry quickly.
Under Cabinet Mug Rack
These hooks are designed to be installed under a cabinet shelf so you can organize your mugs and save space in your cabinets and countertops. This set comes with 3 racks that can hold up to 4 mugs each.
Wooden Wall Mounted Rack
This wooden rack with shelf can hold 12 mugs on its rustic, metal hooks. Plenty of room between each row to hold your bigger sized mugs.

Buying Tips

  • Consider shipping costs
    Mug racks vary in size and weight—which will determine how much it costs to ship and how easy it is to return if you don’t like it. Make sure you estimate the shipping when taking into account the full price of the mug rack. 
  • Extra materials
    If you order a hanging mug rack, does it come with the tools to mount it to your wall or will you have to buy tools and mounting equipment? Make sure to look into what the mug rack comes with since not all racks come with mounting hardware.
  • Measure your cabinets
    If you’re going to put the mug rack under a countertop mug rack, measure the height from your countertop to the cabinet — you want to make sure your mug rack fits! 
  • How far apart are the hanging hooks
    On some mug racks, the hanging hooks are closer together than others, meaning you’ll have a harder time hanging larger mugs next to one another. Consider the distance between hooks. 

Questions You May Have

Can you dry your mugs on a mug rack? 

Yes, but you should be mindful of the angle in which the mug is hanging. If the mug is hanging so the bottom is pointing upwards at all, it’ll take much longer to dry. 

Can you use mug racks for other things? 

Yes, and they’re actually quite popular tools for those who want to organize their desks or countertops. You can hang any number of small items, like scissors, jewelry, or other tools you need to grab easily. 

How much are mug racks?

The countertop racks on my list are typically under $20 while the wall mounted racks and cubbies cost anywhere from $35 – $199.


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