Bottled Starbucks Pink Drink Now Sold in Grocery Stores

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Starbucks Pink Drink and Paradise Drink are now available online and in grocery stores nationwide in bottled containers.

Bottled Starbucks Paradise Drink and Pink Drink.

Bottled Starbucks Pink Drink and Paradise Drink

Bottled Starbucks’ Pink Drink and Paradise Drink are now available for purchase online, at retailers like Target, grocery stores, and gas stations nationwide.

The Starbucks Pink Drink is a coconutmilk beverage flavored with the flavors of strawberry and acai. It comes in a pink gradient 14 ounce bottle.

Starbucks Paradise Drink is a pineapple passionfruit flavored coconutmilk beverage. This tropical fruit drink comes in a yellow gradient 14 ounce bottle.

Both drinks are made with fruit juice and are dairy-free.

The Pink Drink is incredibly popular at Starbucks and will most likely sell out sooner than the Paradise Drink.

The Pink Drink and the Paradise Drink are “inspired by the handcrafted beverages served at Starbucks cafes” so they’ll taste a lot like the drinks at Starbucks but may not be exactly the same.

From Secret Menu to Permanent Menu

The Pink Drink was initially a Starbucks secret menu drink, meaning it was a beverage created by a customer that became popular on social media.

It was so popular that it became an official drink on the Starbucks permanent menu in 2017.

To celebrate the bottled Pink Drink and Paradise Drink, there are also plans for a fashion design collaboration, which will be announced later this spring.

New Bottled Starbucks Drinks

Along with the Pink Drink and Paradise Drink, Starbucks is also rolling out

NEW Frappuccino Mini chilled coffee drink
A canned, mini version of a Frappuccino is rolling out this month and it comes in caramel and white chocolate mocha. They come in 8 packs.

NEW Starbucks Doubleshot® Energy Caramel
Starbucks Coffee flavored with caramel in a 15 ounce can.

NEW Starbucks Espresso Americano
An espresso drink available in two new flavors: Black Unsweet and Milk & Sugar. It comes in a 40 ounce bottle.


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