Get 50% Off Starbucks Iced Drinks Every Tuesday in July

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See how to get 50% off iced drinks at Starbucks in July, including the new summer drinks like the Paradise Drink.

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Starbucks Summer Tuesyays

Starting Tuesday, July 5th, and in every Tuesday in the month of July, Starbucks is offering 50% all iced drinks!

To get the half off, you need to be a Starbucks Rewards member so sign up now if you haven’t yet.

The four days of the month to get 50% off iced drinks are:

Tuesday, July 5
Tuesday, July 12
Tuesday, July 19
Tuesday, July 26

There is a 1 iced drink discount per customer per Tuesday.

This offer is only at participating Starbucks in the United States so check with your location to see if they’re offering this deal.

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Tips on Ordering This Deal

Let the barista know you want 50% off your iced drink when ordering.
The discount is called Summer TuesYays and it isn’t automatically applied, so you must let the barista know you want to get the 50% off iced drinks at the register.

This deal applies to ANY iced drink.
Get an iced latte, the new Paradise Drink, iced tea, or the Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, for 50% off on Tuesdays in July.

You can order any iced drink size.
Whether it’s a tall, grade, venti, or trenta, any iced drink that your beverage comes in can be used to get half off.

Drinks can be customized.
The 50% off will be applied to an iced drink even with customizations and extra charges.

You can’t get this deal through delivery.
This discount won’t be applied to Uber Eats or any delivery orders. You must order and get the drink at the store.

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Questions You May Have

Is Summer TuesYays offered in Canada?

Unfortunately, no. The half off iced drinks on Tuesdays in July is only for participating locations in the United States.

Can I get this discount at the Starbucks in Target stores?

It depends. Some Starbucks locations in Target may be participating but many are not, so you’ll need to ask them first.

Can I use this deal to get cold drinks, like juice, from the refrigerated section?

No, this discount excludes ready to drink, bottled beverages, and alcohol.

Mark Tuesdays on your calendar now!


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