Nespresso Welcome Gift

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Nespresso offers a welcome gift for anyone that creates a new account and purchases capsules. Find out how to get your Nespresso welcome gift for Vertuo or Original machines and see what’s inside.

Cups and coasters inside a Nespresso welcome gift box.

Nespresso Welcome Gift

Nespresso has an exclusive welcome gift for anyone in the US that creates an online account on their site and makes a purchase of at least 10 sleeves of capsules. (Each sleeve usually contains 10 capsules.)

If you already have a Nespresso account, you can still get the welcome gift if you have made less than 3 orders in the past.

If you have an account and made over 3 orders, but got a new Nespresso machine, you can contact customer service and they should be able to let you get a welcome gift as long as you purchase the 10 sleeves.

Or, you can create a new account using a different email address and use the promo code.

Whether you’ve purchased a Nespresso machine new from Nespresso, on Amazon, or purchased it used, you can get the welcome gift.

There are 2 different welcome gifts. One is for Vertuo machine customers and the other is for people who have the Original machine.

What’s inside the welcome gift:

  • 2 glass mugs with the Nespresso logo
    Mugs depends on if you get the Vertuo welcome gift or the Original welcome gift.
  • 2 coasters
    The design on the coasters change every so often, but are always artistic and feature colorful, coffee-related illustrations.
  • 1 sleeve of Nespresso’s latest coffee capsules
    The sleeve of capsules will be for either a Vertuo or Original machine, depending on which code you use to redeem the welcome gift.
  • 1 recycling bag
    The recycling bag can hold up to 150 used pods, and Nespresso pays the return shipping.

Note: New Yorkers can leave their Nespresso pods in their curbside recycling bin and do not need to use the Nespresso recycling bag. 

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How To Get the Welcome Gift

Nespresso Welcome Gift promo.

To get the welcome gift, create a new account on and purchase 10 or more sleeves of capsules for your machine. Then, put in the promo code (depending on whether it’s a Vertuo or Original machine) at checkout.

Nespresso has 2 codes to redeem the welcome gift. One code for a Vertuo machine (COFFEEGIFT)and one for an Original (ESPRESSOGIFT).

Make sure to use the Vertuo code if you have a Vertuo machine, and the Original code for the Original machine.

To create a Nespresso account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign In/Create Account
  3. Click on Create Account
  4. Type in your first and last name, email address, and password
  5. Click Continue

If you’ve set up an account previously, but haven’t yet redeemed the code for a welcome gift, you may be able to do that now. Just login and continue with the steps below.

Once logged in, select 10 (or more) coffee capsule sleeves.

You will need to order at least 10 sleeves to get the welcome gift. You cannot purchase capsules individually.

  1. On the capsule page on the Nespresso site, click on the + button for the capsule you want to buy.
  2. Choose the number of capsules to buy. Click on 10 for 1 sleeve, 20 for 2 sleeves, etc. (Your Bag will keep track of your order’s quantity by the number of capsules, not sleeves.)
  3. Once you have added 10 sleeves or more, click on Your Bag in the top right of the screen. (To remove a sleeve, click on 0 and it’ll be removed from Your Bag.)
  4. Verify the capsules you selected are all on the list, then click Checkout.
  5. On the Step 1 Shopping Bag page, click the + for Free Sample Pack and/or add Recycling Bag(s) to your order.
  6. Enter the promo code for the free welcome gift under “Promo Code.” Use promo code COFFEEGIFT for the Vertuo welcome gift and ESPRESSOGIFT for the Original welcome gift. You can always double check the codes on Nespresso’s welcome page.
  7. Continue on to the rest of the checkout pages.

Your capsules and welcome gift should arrive in about one week.

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Nespresso Welcome Gift box.

Do I Really Have To Buy 10 Sleeves?

To get the welcome gift, yes, you’ll need to purchase 10 sleeves.

If you drink coffee daily, you will go through those 10 sleeves of capsules pretty quickly.

But, if you’re hesitant in ordering so many sleeves at once, you can place 2 smaller orders and use the welcome gift promo on your 3rd order. (You can use your welcome gift promo up until the 3rd order on a new account.)

If you’re not sure which capsule sleeves to get, try the Original 100 Capsule Discovery Pack, which is an assortment of their bestselling sleeves. It’s 10 sleeves with 10 capsules in each sleeve.

Nespresso capsules generally stay fresh for a long time so you don’t have to worry about the coffee going stale.

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Limited Time Offers

Check the Nespresso site for limited time offers next time you need to get more capsules.

Examples include offers like a free throw blanket when you buy 14+ Vertuo or 18+ Original sleeves.

Another offer is for a free silver travel mug and biscuits when you purchase 20+ Vertuo or 25+ Original sleeves.

Nespresso VertuoPlus making espresso.

Questions You May Have

Is the welcome gift worth it?

If you drink coffee daily, then the answer is yes. You’ll most likely end up ordering 10 sleeves anyway, so might as well order it all at once and get the welcome gift.

I have ordered from Nespresso before, can I claim the welcome gift?

As long as you have placed 3 orders or fewer, you can use the welcome gift promo code on your next order of 100 capsules or more. If you’ve exceeded the 3 orders, you can try contacting customer service to see if they’ll let you get the welcome gift or you can create a whole new account using a different email address.

Can I get more than one welcome gift?

The promotion is one per customer account. So even if you place a second order for 10 sleeves, you will only be able to use the welcome gift code once.

Can I order the mugs from the welcome gift on their own?

Yes, on the Nespresso site under Accessories, you’ll find a selection of mugs and cups that are all branded with the Nespresso logo.


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