Starbucks January 2023 Refill Tumbler

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Find out how to get a free cup of grande brewed coffee or tea once a day in January 2023 with a purchase of a Starbucks refill tumbler.

Starbucks January 2023 refill tumbler.
Credit: Michele Perez

Starbucks Free Refill Tumbler

Starbucks refill tumblers are back!

Starbucks releases a special holiday refill tumbler that’s not like the other reusable tumblers.

With the purchase of the special tumbler, you’ll get a free grande brewed coffee or tea (hot or iced) once day, every day, in the month of January 2023 when you bring in the tumbler to a participating Starbucks.

That’s 31 days of free drinks!

This year’s special refill tumbler is designed in a sleek, matte dark green. It’s called the Stainless Steel Tumbler Refill 16 ounce for Holiday 2023 and it costs $64.95 plus tax.

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Price tag of a Starbucks January 2023 Refill Tumbler.
Credit: Michele Perez

When Can I Get the Starbucks Refill Tumbler?

The Starbucks refill tumbler will be available at all Starbucks locations on November 15th.

Some locations in the US have their refill tumblers already on display and are selling them before November 15th.

They’ve been spotted, and purchased, in various university Starbucks stores and some supermarkets. 

You may luck out in getting one before November 15th if a Starbucks location has them out early.

Supplies are limited, so once the refill tumblers sell out, that’s it, they’re gone for good.

Make sure the refill tumbler is marked $64.95 to get the January free refill offer. This offer is only for this particular tumbler.

The Starbucks refill tumbler is 16 ounces, which is a grande size.

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What Drinks Can I Get for Free with the Refill Tumbler?

Get a free brewed coffee or a tea in a grande size with the refill tumbler once a day, every day in January 2023.

You must bring in the refill tumbler every time to get the free drink.

The free coffee drinks do not include any espresso drinks like lattes. Tea lattes also are not included in the offer and you can only get hot or iced tea.

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Starbucks January 2023 Refill Tumbler on a Starbucks shelf.
Credit: Michele Perez

Why Buy It This Year?

If you are you a Starbucks regular, even at $64.95 plus tax for the cost of the refill tumbler, you’ll save money.

One grande brewed hot coffee is $2.95 and a hot tea is $3.45, not including tax. Buying one daily costs about $91 for coffee and $106 for hot tea, but with the special holiday cup it’s just $65.

The refill tumbler will save you roughly $26 for coffee or $42 for tea for the month.

You can only get the free refills if you bring in the refill tumbler.

And don’t forget that Starbucks Rewards members get 10 cents off the beverage and can earn 25 Stars by bringing the refill tumbler in to get any grande hot drink all year long.

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Starbucks January 2023 Refill Tumbler on a Starbucks shelf.
Credit: Michele Perez

Benefits of Using A Reusable Starbucks Refill Tumbler

The first benefit, and what Starbucks is encouraging, is to the environment. Reducing the use of single-use cups to reduce waste in landfills.

Disposable coffee cups are usually not recyclable because of their plastic, petroleum-based lining. The lining is necessary to keep the cup safe to hold hot liquids.

Some Starbucks’ single-use hot beverage cups are lined with a bioplastic (bioPBS), but it still has a similar recycling challenge.

Starbucks partnered with Sustana, a Wisconsin-based paper mill, to recycle and reuse their single-use cups but you must dispose of your cups in their Starbucks recycle bins. They are not usually recyclable elsewhere.

Second, save money. Starbucks Rewards members can use their own cups or tumblers and get a 10 cent discount off their beverage plus 25 bonus Stars.

Use your refill tumbler 6 times and you’ll have saved money (60 cents, which is the cost of adding lemonade or drizzle) and earned 150 Stars, which is enough for a free drink!


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