Starbucks New Drink: Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

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There’s a new Starbucks drink for the summer! See what’s in the drink and how this cold brew with chocolate cream tastes.

Starbucks new drink Chocolate Cream Cold Brew in a Starbucks cup.
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Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

To kick off the summer season, Starbucks announced a new drink to the menu and it’s called Chocolate Cream Cold Brew.

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew is made with ice, cold brew coffee, chocolate cream, and vanilla syrup. It’s a cold brew flavored and sweetened with vanilla syrup that’s topped with a chocolate cream cold foam.

The chocolate cream cold foam is vanilla sweet cream blended with chocolate malt powder. The same chocolate malt powder is used in the Iced Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso.

At Starbucks, cold brew is made in small batches every day and it’s slow steeped in cold water for 20 hours. The coffee used for cold brew is a blend of Latin American and African beans.

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How does it taste?

It’s like an iced mocha due to the coffee and chocolate flavors but since it’s a cold brew and contains no milk, it’s more watery instead of creamy. It’s not a drink I would consider sweet. The chocolate is only in the chocolate cold foam, not in the cold brew.

What sizes are available?

You can get this in a tall, grande, venti, or trenta.

How many pumps of vanilla syrup are in the drink?

A tall drink size has 1 pumps of vanilla syrup, grande has 2, venti has 3, and trenta has 4.

How sweet is the drink?

There aren’t too many pumps of syrup in the drink itself so it’s not really sweet and the cold foam is slightly sweet, but not much so. If you like your drinks sweet, add more pumps of vanilla syrup.

Chocolate Cream Cold Brew
Caffeine in a tall: 145 mg
Calories in a tall: 190
Sugars in a tall: 20

Caffeine in a grande: 185 mg
Calories in a grande: 250
Sugars in a grande: 28 g

Caffeine in a venti: 275 mg
Calories in a venti: 300
Sugars in a venti: 35 g

Caffeine in a trenta: 315 mg
Calories in a trenta: 320
Sugars in a trenta: 40 g

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Customizing Chocolate Cream Cold Brew

  • The cold brew is sweetened and flavored with vanilla syrup but you can replace it with any other syrup if you like, like brown sugar syrup, toasted vanilla syrup, or sugar-free vanilla syrup.
  • Try chocolate cream cold foam on a Nitro Cold Brew.
  • There’s no milk or dairy in the drink aside from the cold foam, so if you like your drink creamier, ask for it to be added.

Tips on Ordering This Drink

  • It’s not a very sweet drink, so if want it sweeter, add more pumps of vanilla syrup.
  • This drink comes in a trenta size, like all other cold brews. Trenta is 30 ounces, which is 3 ¾ cups.
  • The chocolate cream cold foam can be added as a modification to any iced drink on the Starbucks menu.

No More Kiwi Refresher

Say goodbye to drinks made with the kiwi starfruit Refresher base since they’re being taken off the official menu.

Star Drink, Kiwi Starfruit Refresher, and the Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade Refresher are no longer available.

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