Starbucks Pumpkin Portal To Fall Game Answers

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Playing the Starbucks Pumpkin Portal to Fall game and stuck on finding the answer? Here are answers to every single quiz question!

Starbucks Pumpkin Portal To Fall Game intro.

Starbucks Pumpkin Portal to Fall Game

With the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte on August 30th, Starbucks has created a quiz game to celebrate the season.

This game is for fun only and no prizes are rewarded.

To play, go to Answer each quiz question with the emoji keyboard. If you answer 3 questions incorrectly, the game ends but you’ll have a chance to play again.

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Pumpkin Portal to Fall Game Answers

Starbucks Pumpkin Portal To Fall Game Answer 1.

Answer 1: Pie

Answer 2: Football

Answer 3: Leaves

Answer 4: Backpack

Answer 5: Pancakes

Answer 6: Socks

Answer 7: Coffee

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Answer 8: Fire

Answer 9: Pumpkin

Answer 10: Moon

Answer 11: Corn

Answer 12: Palette

Answer 13: Thread

Answer 14: Gloves

Answer 15: Basket

Answer 16: Leaves

Answer 17: Medal

Answer 18: Broom

Answer 19: Toilet Paper

Answer 20: Tea

Answer 21: Pencil

Answer 22: Yarn

Answer 23: Candle

Answer 24: Canoe

Answer 25: Tractor

Answer 26: Nuts

Answer 27: Compass

Answer 28: Crown

Answer 29: Scarf

Answer 30: Sandwich

Answer 31: Kite

Answer 32: Duck

Answer 33: Skeleton

Answer 34: Sweet potato

Answer 35: Ghost

Answer 36: Zombie

Answer 37: Ring

Answer 38: Strawberry

Answer 39: 9

This is the last question!

After the last question, you can share the game, download a Pumpkin Royalty image, or play again.


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