Starbucks Star Days 2022 – How to Play for Free

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Starbucks Rewards members have a chance all week to earn extra Stars through giveaways and games. Find out how to earn Stars and how to play for free!

Starbucks Star Day 2022 graphic.

From October 17 (Monday) – October 23 (Sunday), 2022, Starbucks is offering ways for Rewards members to earn extra Stars called Star Days.

In order to participate, Rewards members must sign in and sign up on

Starbucks Million Stars Giveaway.

Rewards members have a chance to win 1,000 bonus Stars with Million Stars Giveaway.

1,000 Starbucks Rewards members will win 1,000 Stars every day of Star Days.

Enter the Million Stars Giveaway by making a purchase using a Starbucks card or linked payment method, or scanning your Starbucks app before checkout.

To enter without making a purchase, go to the bottom of and click on the link “*To enter Million Stars Giveaway without making a purchase, click here.” fill out the form to get 1 free entry daily.

How to play Starbucks Star Days Giveaway for free.

You’ll know you’ve won if you receive an email alerting you to the win and then 1,000 Stars will be automatically deposited into your Rewards account.

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Starbucks Days Arcade logo.

Another way to earn Stars is with Star Days Arcade.

Star Catch, Star Rush, and Star Blast are the names of the 3 games you can play on Star Days Arcade.

You’ll find out if you’ve won at the end of each game. If you’ve won, you’ll get instructions on how to claim the prize or offer.

Star Days Arcade winners are randomly selected so it doesn’t matter how well you score on each game.

Members have chances to win a free bakery item, free handcrafted espresso beverage, free fall beverage, 150 Stars, 100 Stars, 50 Stars, 25 Stars, 10 Stars, or 5 Stars.

You can play Star Days Arcade games multiple times a day and possibly win up to 2 times per day.

Prizes won will be emailed to you. Check your spam or other folders if you don’t see it.

Star Days Arcade screenshot.

To enter without playing a game, go to the instructions at the bottom of Star Days Arcade and click on the link that says “To enter without playing, click here.”

Good luck!


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