Dunkin'  Iced Coffees


Dunkin’ used to be called Dunkin’ Donuts until 2019.  They made the name change to shift the focus more on coffee than donuts.

Dunkin'  drink sizes

There are 3 iced drink sizes at Dunkin’.  Small (12 ounces) Medium (24 ounces) Large (32 ounces)

Dunkin'  milk options

- Whole milk - Skim milk - Coconut milk - Oat milk  - Almondmilk - Cream  Only whole milk, skim milk, and cream are available for frozen drinks.

Dunkin'  flavor syrups

– Mocha Swirl – Butter Pecan Swirl – Hazelnut Swirl – French Vanilla Swirl – Caramel Swirl – Special flavors that are only available in certain regions (Toasted Almond Swirl, Cookie Dough Swirl)

Best Dunkin' Iced Coffees #10: Cold Brew Caffeine in a medium:  260 mg

Best Dunkin' Iced Coffees #8: French Vanilla Swirl Iced Coffee Caffeine in a medium:  267 mg

Best Dunkin' Iced Coffees #1: Butter Pecan Frozen Coffee Caffeine in a medium:  295 mg

See a ranked list of Dunkin' iced and frozen coffees! Plus, get tips on how to order them.