Starbucks Latte Guide

At Starbucks, lattes come in different drink sizes, and the amount of espresso depends on the drink size. Out of all the espresso-based drinks, lattes are made with the most milk.

Lattes at Starbucks

The flavored syrups are the key to flavoring Starbucks’ lattes. You can request any available syrup to be added to your latte.

Starbucks Flavors

Starbucks has two sugar-free syrups:  sugar-free vanilla and sugar-free cinnamon dolce.

Sugar-free syrups

Almost all lattes are made with 2% milk but you can ask for it to be made with half & half, whole, skim, oat, soy, or almond milk.

Milk options

A “skinny latte” is made with skim milk and use sugar-free syrups if available.

Skinny latte

Short, hot only (8 oz) Espresso: 1 shot Syrup: 2 pumps Tall (12 oz) Espresso: 1 shot Syrup: 3 pumps Grande (16 oz) Espresso: 2 shots Syrup: 4 pumps

Lattes sizes

Venti, hot (20 oz) Espresso: 2 shots Syrup: 5 pumps Venti, iced (24 oz) Espresso: 3 shots Syrup: 6 pumps Trenta (30 oz) No lattes can be ordered in this size.

Lattes sizes

The Caffé Latte, without any flavored syrups added, is the most popular latte at Starbucks.  The Vanilla Latte is also a Starbucks customer favorite.

Caffe Latte

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