15 Best Dutch Bros Freezes

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Here are 15 of the most popular Freezes from Dutch Bros to cool you down during those warmer days.

Five Dutch Bros Freezes, frozen drinks.

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What is a Dutch Bros Freeze?

A Freeze is a blended frozen coffee drink made with espresso, whole milk, sugar, and flavored syrup.

Freezes all contain caffeine and they’re usually topped with whipped cream.

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Difference Between a Freeze and a Frost

A Freeze is a frozen espresso drink made in a blender.

A Frost is a Dutch Bros milkshake and it doesn’t contain any caffeine.

A Freeze contains caffeine and a Frost doesn’t.

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Tips for Ordering a Freeze

Freezes come in 3 sizes
The Freeze sizes are small (16 ounces), medium (24 ounces), and large (32 ounces).

All Freezes contain caffeine
If you want to get a blended drink that doesn’t contain caffeine, get a Frost (Dutch Bros milkshake).

Adding more caffeine
You can order a 9-1-1 Freeze, which automatically has extra shots of espresso, but you can customize any Freeze (regular or secret menu) with extra shots of espresso. It’s called an “extra dub shot” because at Dutch Bros a shot of espresso is by default a double shot.

Freezes all contain dairy
You can’t order a dairy-free Freeze since the pre-blended Freeze base is made with whole milk.

Freezes can’t be made sugar-free
Although you can order any Freeze to be made with sugar-free syrups, the Freeze base is pre-sweetened with sugar.

Replace whipped cream with a soft top
A common customization is replacing the whipped cream with a soft top (lightly whipped buttermilk).

Make it Picture Perfect
Asking for a drink to be made Picture Perfect will add on whipped cream with chocolate and caramel drizzle on top.

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15 Best Dutch Bros Freezes, Ranked

15. White Mocha Freeze
This Freeze is flavored with chocolate milk and white chocolate syrup. It’s pretty sweet and is often customized by ordering it Picture Perfect.

14. Flap Jack Freeze
Salted caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate syrups give this Freeze a pancake-like flavor. Customize it with chocolate sprinkles or chocolate drizzle if you want to add a chocolate chip pancakes flavor.

13. The Bob Freeze
A combination of coconut, banana, and chocolate syrups make up the flavors of this Freeze. Sometimes customized with chocolate drizzle around the cup and topped with whipped cream.

12. Ba-Nay-Nay Freeze
Like a chocolate banana milkshake with coffee, it contains banana and chocolate syrups. It’s often ordered Picture Perfect.

11. German Chocolate Freeze
A German chocolate cake in frozen drink form, it’s made with chocolate, caramel, and coconut syrups. Ask for it Picture Perfect to give it that extra bit of chocolate and caramel.

10. Snickerdoodle Freeze
This Freeze has cinnamon, chocolate macadamia, and white chocolate syrups with cinnamon sprinkles on top. It’s a classic cookie flavor with coffee.

9. Double Chocolate Mocha Freeze
Chocolate syrup and 2 ounces of Dutch Bros chocolate milk creates this rich, chocolaty espresso drink. A favorite of mocha fans.

8. Caramelizer Freeze
This drink combines caramel syrup and 2 ounces of Dutch Bros chocolate milk. If you want more caramel, ask for it Picture Perfect or just add caramel drizzle to the cup.

7. Cocomo Freeze
Mocha (chocolate and espresso) Freezes are popular, and this one has coconut syrup and 2 ounces of chocolate milk. Usually ordered without customizations.

6. White Zombie Freeze
A sweeter Freeze featuring vanilla and white chocolate syrups. Can be made sweeter by making it Picture Perfect.

5. 9-1-1 Freeze
For an extra caffeine boost with a little sweet flavor, this drink has Irish cream syrup and 2 extra espresso shots.

4. Kicker Freeze
Another Irish cream favorite, this classic Freeze is made with espresso and Irish cream syrup. Sometimes customized with caramel drizzle around the cup or with whipped cream.

3. Annihilator Freeze
Nutty and sweet, this drink is made with chocolate macadamia nut syrup that’s often customized with whipped cream or soft top.

2. Golden Eagle Freeze
Vanilla and caramel are combined with caramel drizzle to create this popular Freeze. Caramel is always at the top of the favorite coffee drinks lists at Dutch Bros and this is no exception.

1. Picture Perfect Freeze
The most popular Freeze at Dutch Bros, the Picture Perfect Freeze combines chocolate and caramel. Requesting a drink be made Picture Perfect on any Freeze is the most common customization, so it makes sense that the Picture Perfect itself is ranked the best.

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