21 Best Dutch Bros Rebel Drinks

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If you’re looking for a new Dutch Bros Rebel to try but don’t know what to get, start with this list of their best Rebel drinks.

Five Dutch Bros drinks.

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Dutch Bros Rebel Energy Drinks

Rebels are energy drinks created by Dutch Bros, a drive-through coffee chain, and it’s the only place you can get them. Rebels are Dutch Bros version of a Red Bull that you can customize by adding flavored syrups.

They’re incredibly popular with college students and anyone who wants to stay awake but doesn’t want coffee. With about 120 mg of caffeine in a medium, it’s has about the same amount of caffeine in a double shot of espresso.

Rebels come iced or blended (like a slushy or Frappuccino in texture) in small, medium, and large. Rebels come in a can and a small uses an 8 ounce can, medium has 12 ounces, and large uses 16 ounces.

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If you ask for flavors or syrups in your iced Rebel, you’ll get 1 scoop in a small and medium, and 2 scoops in a large.

Blended Rebels are a little different since broistas make it with a Freeze Machine using Rebel concentrate and water, but it comes out to about the same caffeine content per size.

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How to Order a Rebel

As with all Dutch Bros drinks, start with the size you want, then tell the broista or linebuster the name of the drink and how you want it.

1. Rebel Drink Sizes
Small (16 ounces)
Medium (24 ounces)
Large (32 ounces)

2. Iced or Blended
Rebel drinks come either iced or blended (frozen drink made in a blender).

3. Rebel Drink Name or Syrups
Either ask for it by drink name or tell them you want a Rebel and then the flavors to be added.

4. Toppings
Finally, let them know if you want any toppings like drizzle or soft top (Dutch Bros’ version of cold foam).

Examples of how to order: “Can I get a medium iced Ray of Sunshine Rebel with soft top?” or, if you want to make your own “Can I get a medium blended Rebel with vanilla, strawberry, and peach syrups with raspberry drizzle and whipped cream?”

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Common Customizations

Soft top or whipped cream
Soft top is a creamy, marshmallowy topping and it’s a popular way to top many Dutch Bros iced and blended drinks. For blended drinks, whipped cream is a popular topping option.

There are a number of flavored drizzles that can be topped on any drink. Popular drizzles for Rebels are: raspberry, blue raspberry, blackberry, pomegranate, Unicorn Blood Drizzle (strawberry, almond, and white chocolate) and Starry Night Drizzle (blue raspberry and blackberry drizzles).

Sugar free as possible
If you order your drink “as sugar free as possible” then the broista will use as many sugar-free syrups as possible for the flavors you’ve ordered.

Double blended
This is a popular choice for anyone who wants their blended drink a little smoother.

Avalanche style
Ask for your Rebel to be “avalanche style” to add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to the drink.

A popular customization for some iced and blended drinks, lemonade works with some flavor combinations more than others.

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21 Best Rebel Drinks, Ranked

21. Iced Orangesicle Rebel

Rebel with orange and vanilla syrups, it’s often ordered with soft top. Ask for white chocolate syrup to be added, and it will taste just like a creamsicle.

20. Blended Sweet Sunrise Rebel

A fruity, double blended Rebel with peach, banana, orange, and passion fruit syrups.

Often customized with soft top and/or avalanche style (scoop of vanilla ice cream added).

19. Iced Passion Water Rebel

A combination of passion fruit and watermelon syrups, this Rebel is best iced and tasty with soft top.

18. Iced or Blended Midnight Rebel

This Rebel with pomegranate and blackberry syrups is popular both iced and blended.

17. Iced Freedom Rebel

Rebel with vanilla syrup and blue raspberry and raspberry drizzle. The fruity drizzle goes well with vanilla.

16. Blended Strawberry Rebel

It’s a simple but delicious Rebel with strawberry syrup.

15. Iced or Blended Ray of Sunshine Rebel

A summery combination of blackberry, peach, and grapefruit syrups. Often requested double blended with soft top.

14. Iced Starry Night Rebel

Blue raspberry and blackberry syrups make this iced Rebel fruity and darkly colorful. Some ask for lemonade to be added.

13. Iced Palm Beach Rebel

A very popular choice during the warmer months, it’s a Rebel with pomegranate and peach syrups.

Ask for it with Tropical Real Fruit which is pineapple, orange, guava, and passion fruit, to turn a Palm Beach into a High Dive Rebel (seasonal).

12. Iced or Blended Majestic Forest Rebel

Often requested as blended or double blended, it’s a Rebel with kiwi, blue raspberry, and blackberry syrups.

11. Blended Eclipse Rebel

More popular blended than iced, this Rebel has peach and passion fruit syrups with Starry Night Drizzle (blue raspberry and blackberry).

10. Iced or Blended Dragon Slayer Rebel

A sweeter-than-usual Rebel, this has blue raspberry and raspberry syrups with a blackberry drizzle. A common customization is to add soft top.

9. Iced or Blended OG Gummy Bear Rebel

Popular with soft top or avalanche style, this Rebel has grapefruit, pomegranate, watermelon, and passion fruit syrups added.

It’s an all-time popular fruit combination.

8. Blended Galaxy Fish Rebel

This Rebel combines strawberry, passion fruit, and limes syrups.

7. Blended Dino Egg Rebel

Most often ordered double blended, a Dino Egg has blue raspberry syrup with Unicorn Blood Drizzle (strawberry, almond, and white chocolate drizzles).

6. Iced or Blended Aquaberry Rebel

Popular iced, blended, and double blended, this Rebel has strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and kiwi syrups.

5. Iced Blue Raspberry Rebel

A simple Rebel with blue raspberry syrup, it’s popular with those who don’t want a lot of flavors in their drink.

Adding soft top or avalanche style are popular customizations.

4. Iced or Blended Electric Berry Rebel

Blue raspberry and lime are added to this popular Rebel drink. Customizing with drizzles is common.

3. Iced Peach Rebel

A simple Rebel with peach syrup that’s good on its own without any soft top or whipped cream.

2. Iced or Blended Aftershock Rebel

This classic Rebel drink includes blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, and lime syrups. It’s equally popular iced and blended.

Ask for it with soft top to balance the drink’s sweetness with some creaminess.

1. Blended Shark Attack Rebel

This top ranked Rebel combines Ocean Water (coconut, lime, and blue raspberry syrups) with pomegranate drizzle.

It’s commonly ordered double blended, making it a smooth and refreshing summer treat.


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