31 Vegan Drinks at Dunkin’

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Here’s a handy list of vegan drink options available at Dunkin’, including customized beverages!

Collage showing different Dunkin' drinks that are vegan.

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Dunkin’ Vegan Drinks

Dunkin’ vegan drinks don’t contain animal sources like meat, fish, shellfish, dairy milk, egg, or honey products.

Vegan drinks are prepared in the same area as non-vegan drinks so Dunkin’ doesn’t guarantee there won’t be any cross-contact.

A lot of drinks can be made vegan by using plant-based milks.

Aside from coffee and tea, the Strawberry and Blue Raspberry Coolattas, Refreshers, and Coconut Refreshers are all vegan.

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Tips on Ordering Vegan-Friendly Drinks

Coffee is vegan
Hot or iced black coffee, espresso shots, hot or iced Americano, and cold brew are drinks made without any kind of milk and are all vegan.

Add plant-based milks
Almondmilk, oatmilk, and coconutmilk are Dunkin’s vegan milk options.

Flavor drinks with flavor shots
Flavor your drink with flavor shots, which are all sugar-free, unsweetened, and vegan-friendly. Flavor shots come in vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, and coconut. Don’t add any flavor swirls, except for mocha flavor swirl, since they contain dairy.

Avoid whipped cream and sweet cream cold foam
Whipped cream and sweet cold foam are made from dairy products and and there’s no way to change for a plant-based milk. There’s no way to make whipped cream or sweet cream cold foam vegan.

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24 Vegan-Friendly Dunkin’ Drinks

1. Espresso
Espresso shots are just espresso and water.

2. Hot Black Coffee
Brewed Coffee
It’s just black coffee made in a drip coffee machine. It’s freshly ground and brewed continuously all day.

3. Iced Black Coffee
Ice + Brewed Coffee
Coffee made in a drip machine is cooled down and served chilled over ice. Coffee for the Iced Black Coffee is also brewed throughout the day.

4. Hot Coffee with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Brewed Coffee + Plant-Based Milk
Brewed coffee from a drip coffee machine with the plant-based drinks available at Dunkin’.

5. Iced Coffee with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Brewed Coffee + Plant-Based Milk
Dunkin’s Iced Coffee is brewed double-strength, using twice the amount of coffee. Stronger coffee means it won’t get as diluted once it’s combined with ice. Plant-based milk keeps it vegan.

6. Hot Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Espresso + Plant-Based Milk
Lattes are made with steamed milk, and instead of dairy milk, replace it with a plant-based one. To add any flavorings, use unsweetened flavor shots which don’t contain dairy.

7. Iced Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Espresso + Plant-Based Milk
An Iced Latte is simply espresso and milk over ice. Swap out regular milk with a plant-based one.

8. Hot Matcha Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Matcha + Plant-Based Milk
Matcha is a green tea that has been finely ground into a powder. Dunkin’ uses a sweetened matcha and combines it with steamed milk. Pick your favorite plant-based milk to make it vegan.

9. Iced Matcha Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Matcha + Plant-Based Milk
A tea latte made with matcha, no need to add any sweetener since there’s already sugar in the green matcha powder.

10. Hot Chai Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Chai Tea Syrup + Plant-Based Milk
Chai is a spiced tea and it’s delicious with any kind of milk. At Dunkin’, Chai Latte is made from a chai syrup.

11. Iced Chai Latte with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Chai Tea Syrup + Plant-Based Milk
Dunkin’ makes their Iced Chai Lattes with a chai tea syrup, which has warming spices like cinnamon and ginger.

12. Hot Macchiato with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Espresso + Plant-Based Milk
A double shot of espresso with steamed milk. Dunkin’ uses a highly caffeinated espresso and a macchiato has 236 mg of caffeine.

13. Iced Macchiato with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Espresso + Plant-Based Milk
A layered drink with milk on the bottom and espresso on top.

14. Hot Americano
Espresso + Water
An Americano is espresso with hot water. It’s a bolder, richer version coffee brewed in a drip coffee machine.

15. Iced Americano
Ice + Espresso + Water
This is a double shot of espresso with cold water and ice. There’s no milk in the drink unless you ask for it.

16. Black Cold Brew
Ice + Cold Brewed Coffee
Black Cold Brew is Cold Brew without any milk or sugar. Dunkin’ steeps ground coffee for 12 hours in cold water to make their cold brews. Cold Brews are smoother and slightly sweeter than regular Iced Coffee. Add a flavor shot to make it flavored.

17. Cold Brew with Almondmilk, Oatmilk, or Coconutmilk
Ice + Cold Brewed Coffee + Plant-Based Milk
Make your Cold Brew creamy with any plant-based milk.

18. Hot Tea
Steeped Tea
All Dunkin’ hot teas (caffeinated and caffeine-free) are just tea and hot water.

19. Unsweetened Iced Tea, Unsweetened Iced Green Tea
Brewed Iced Tea
There’s no dairy or sugar added unless you ask.

20. Sweetened Iced Tea, Sweetened Iced Green Tea
Brewed Iced Tea + Liquid Cane Sugar
Iced Tea sweetened with simple syrup.

21. Sweet Tea
Brewed Iced Black Tea + Sugar
There’s double the liquid sugar in a Sweet Tea compared to Sweetened Iced Tea.

22. Strawberry Coolatta, Blue Raspberry Coolatta
Strawberry Coolatta Base + Water + Liquid Cane Sugar
Coolattas are frozen drinks that doesn’t contain dairy. The Strawberry and Blue Raspberry are vegan but Vanilla Bean Coolatta isn’t since there’s light cream and sweetened condensed skim milk in the drink that can’t be modified.

23. Dunkin’ Refreshers
Brewed Green Tea + Fruit Flavored Concentrate
Available in Peach Passion Fruit or Strawberry Dragonfruit, Dunkin’ Refreshers are caffeinated from the green tea but dairy-free.

24. Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers
Coconutmilk + Fruit Flavored Concentrate
Coconut Refreshers are available in Strawberry Dragonfruit and Peach Passion Fruit flavors.

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7 Customized Vegan Dunkin’ Drinks 

Customized drinks are Dunkin’ standard menu beverages that have been modified. Be prepared to say everything that’s in the drink since “I want a vegan Iced Latte” won’t work.

25. Mocha Latte with Almondmilk
Espresso + Almondmilk + Mocha Swirl
Ask for a Latte with almondmilk and a pump (or 3) of Mocha Swirl. Mocha is the only flavor swirl that is vegan-friendly.

26. Raspberry Sweetened Iced Tea
Sweetened Iced Tea + Raspberry Flavor Shot
All of Dunkin’s iced teas are vegan-friendly, and adding a sugar-free raspberry flavor shot will give it a burst of summer fruit flavor.

27. Strawberry Iced Tea
Iced Tea + Strawberry Coolatta Syrup
Order a Sweetened or Unsweetened Iced Tea and ask for a couple of pumps of Strawberry Coolatta syrup. Order this in person since it’s not available on the app.

28.Strawberry Hibiscus Tea
Hibiscus Kiss Tea + Strawberry Coolatta Syrup
Order caffeine-free Hibiscus Kiss Tea and ask for a pump or 2 of Strawberry Coolatta syrup. You’ll need to order this in person since the Coolatta syrup isn’t available as a customization on the app.

29. Vanilla Cold Brew with Oatmilk
Cold Brew + Oatmilk + Vanilla Flavor Shot
Start off with a Cold Brew, add a splash of oatmilk, and a pump or 2 of sugar-free, unsweetened vanilla.

30. Matcha Latte with Coconutmilk
Matcha Latte + Coconutmilk + Coconut Flavor Shot
Try a Matcha Latte with coconutmilk and a pump of coconut flavor shot.

31. Iced Toasted Almond Macchiato with Oatmilk
Iced Macchiato + Oatmilk + Toasted Almond Flavor Shot
Get a layered Iced Macchiato with oatmilk and fancy it up with a pump or 2 of dairy-free, toasted almond flavor shot.

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Questions You May Have

What vegan-friendly milks are available at Dunkin’?

On their standard menu, which is available all year in stores and via the app, Dunkin’ offers almondmilk, coconutmilk, and oatmilk.

Are the flavored swirls vegan?

Dunkin’ flavored swirls all have sweetened condensed milk in their base, except for Mocha Flavor Swirl, which is the only vegan-friendly flavor swirl on the regular menu.

Are flavor shots vegan?

Flavor shots are sugar-free, unsweetened flavors available year-round in vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, blueberry, raspberry, and coconut. Since there’s no dairy, they are vegan-friendly.


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