Cozy Gingerbread Latte

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Snuggle up with a cozy cup of this perfectly sweet and spicy gingerbread latte that’s topped with fluffy homemade whipped cream.

Gingberbread lattes topped with whipped cream and gingerbread man cookie.

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About This Gingerbread Latte

  • Coffee or espresso, milk, molasses, and gingerbread flavors come together in this delicious caffeinated drink. It’s all topped off with a quick and easy homemade gingerbread flavored whipped cream.
  • The gingerbread flavors are made with a blend of ground ginger, ground cinnamon, and ground nutmeg. Molasses and sugar rounds out the flavors with rich sweetness.
  • The recipe includes a batch of homemade gingerbread syrup that can be made ahead of time and used all week to flavor tea and coffee.
  • Starbucks used to have a gingerbread latte on their holiday menu but it was taken off after 2018. It’s not on this year’s drink menu either.
  • Espresso or strong coffee made in a coffee machine, Nespresso, Keurig, or French press can be used to make this drink.

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Ingredient Notes

Gingerbread latte ingredients.
  • Strong coffee: Use any kind of machine that can brew a strong cup of coffee. If you have an espresso machine, shots of espresso can be used instead.
  • Milk: Any kind of milk you prefer can be used.
  • Gingerbread syrup:
    • Molasses: This is a must! It’s the key ingredient and without it, the gingerbread syrup just isn’t as good. Get dark unsulfured molasses. Blackstrap molasses is another variety and it’s less sweet and has a very concentrated, almost bitter flavor so it’s not the best kind of molasses to use for this recipe.
    • Sugar: Basic white sugar is what I’m using but brown sugar works too if that’s what you have.
    • Ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg: These spices give the drink the classic gingerbread flavor.
    • Water: Use filtered water for a better, cleaner tasting drink.
  • Heavy cream: To make the whipped cream topping.

For full ingredients and detailed instructions, please see the recipe card at the bottom of the post.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Six photos showing step-by-step process to make gingerbread latte.
  1. Make gingerbread syrup.
    This recipe makes a batch of gingerbread syrup which makes 6 gingerbread lattes. Make it once and use the syrup all week.
  2. Make cream topping.
    Gingerbread syrup and heavy cream are whipped together using a handheld milk frother.
  3. Froth milk.
    Heat milk on the stovetop or microwave then use a French press to froth. Or use an electric milk frother that will heat and froth at the same time. If you have an espresso machine, use the steam wand to froth the milk.
  4. Assemble drink.
    Stir gingerbread syrup into a cup of coffee. Add frothed milk. Top with cream topping. Garnish with cinnamon or a gingerbread man cookie.
My Handheld Milk Frother Pick
This is the milk frother I use to make cream toppings for all my hot drinks. Out of all the handheld milk frothers I’ve used, this one has lasted me the longest and is rechargeable.

Expert Tips

  • Gingerbread syrup can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to a week.
  • The recipe makes a little over a cup of gingerbread syrup, which is enough to make 6 gingerbread lattes.
  • The molasses is the key ingredient so don’t replace it with honey or other sweeteners since it just won’t taste as good.

Questions You May Have

How can I make this drink for kids?

Make the gingerbread syrup and stir a tablespoon into a cup of warm milk. Don’t add any coffee to the drink.

How many ounces are there in the gingerbread syrup?

The gingerbread syrup makes a little over 9 ounces, or about 18 tablespoons.

Where can I get the Starbucks Gingerbread Latte?

The only place you can get the drink is at the Starbucks in Canada as it’s no longer sold in any stores in the US. Starbucks recommends getting the Cinnamon Dolce instead, which they say is similar in taste.

How can I make this with Nespresso or a Keurig?

Use a pod or capsule of dark roast coffee to brew a cup of coffee.

How can I make this with espresso?

Instead of 1 cup of coffee and 1/4 cup milk, use 2 shots of espresso and 3/4 of frothed milk.

Gingerbread lattes in glass mugs.

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Homemade Gingerbread Latte

Author: Jee Choe
Perfectly sweet and spicy gingerbread latte that's topped with fluffy whipped cream.
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Prep Time 9 minutes
Total Time 9 minutes
Course Drinks
Yield1 serving


Gingerbread Latte

  • 1 cup strong coffee
  • 2 tablespoons gingerbread syrup
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 gingerbread man cookie optional garnish

Gingerbread Cream Topping

  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • 1 tablespoon gingerbread syrup

Gingerbread Syrup


  • Make gingerbread syrup.
    In a saucepan, bring gingerbread syrup ingredients to a boil, stirring occasionally. Make sure sugar has completely dissolved.
    Turn off heat and let cool. After syrup has cooled, pour syrup into an airtight container. The syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. Makes about 9 ounces of syrup.
  • Make gingerbread cream topping.
    Use a handheld milk frother to whisk together syrup and heavy cream until it thickens. Just a few seconds is all it takes to get soft peaks.
  • Froth milk.
    Bring milk to a simmer on the stovetop, making sure it doesn't come to a boil since it can easily burn, or microwave it for 30 seconds. Pour heated milk into a French press, put the lid on, and move the plunger up and down, making sure to hold down the lid. Or, heat and froth milk at the same time using an electric milk frother. If you have an espresso machine, froth milk using the steam wand.
  • Assemble drink.
    Stir gingerbread syrup into a cup of strong coffee. Add frothed milk. Top with gingerbread cream topping. Garnish with a dusting of ground cinnamon and a gingerbread man cookie.


TO MAKE STRONG COFFEE: Use 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee to brew a strong cup in a coffee machine. If using a Nespresso or Keurig machine, use 1 pod or capsule to make 1 cup of coffee.
TO MAKE WITH ESPRESSO: Use 2 shots of espresso and 3/4 cup milk instead of 1/4 cup milk.


Calories: 406 | Carbohydrates: 48g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 24g | Saturated Fat: 15g | Cholesterol: 88mg | Sodium: 88mg | Potassium: 241mg | Sugar: 47g | Vitamin A: 973IU | Calcium: 108mg | Iron: 2mg

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