How to Get a Free Starbucks Birthday Drink

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Find out everything you need to know about getting a Birthday Reward from Starbucks, including how to get a free drink or food item.

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Starbucks Birthday Reward

Birthday Rewards is a part of the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program where members can get a free drink or free food item on their birthday.

To get your free drink or food item on your birthday, there are 3 things you need to do:

  1. Be a Starbucks Rewards member at least 7 days before your birthday.
  2. Make sure your birthday is on your account information.
  3. Make at least 1 transaction that can earn a Star before your birthday. (Example: Pay or scan using your Starbucks app.)

Birthday Rewards can only be redeemed on your birthday.

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An email is sent to you 2 days before your birthday, or a message will show up on your Starbucks app to remind you of your Birthday Reward.

When ordering your drink, let the barista know at the register that you’ll be using your Birthday Reward so that you’re not charged for it. You’ll need to scan your Starbucks Rewards app or registered Starbucks Card to get the Birthday Reward.

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What You Can Get with Your Birthday Reward

You can get any handcrafted drink in any size with any customizations (usually limited to $20), or a food item.

Ready-to-drink bottled beverages in the refrigerated section like Evolution Fresh juices, bottled Mocha Frappuccino, bottled Teavana drinks, or any Starbucks bottled drink are also eligible to use on a Birthday Reward.

Tips for Using Your Birthday Reward

You can only use your Birthday Reward on your birthday.

A Birthday Reward is only valid on your birth date and it will expire the day after your birthday and isn’t available the day before.

A few years ago you had a month to claim your free drink, and then later, anytime during your birthday week, but now it’s just the day of.

You can customize your drink and get the biggest size available.

Take advantage of the Birthday Reward and get the largest standard drink size available and add on customizations.

There is usually a $20 drink limit.

Note that the drink price is usually limited to $20 so don’t go too overboard or your Birthday Reward drink won’t be free.

You can order any food item on the standard menu.

Drinks are not the only thing you can get using the Birthday Reward.

You can also get any food item, like a breakfast sandwich, a protein box, or a bakery item.

Birthday Rewards can’t be used for deliveries.

The Birthday Reward is only eligible if you order in-person at a Starbucks location. You can’t use it for Uber Eats or DoorDash deliveries.

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Questions You May Have

How can I correct my birth date on my account?

If your account is showing an incorrect birthday, sign in to your Starbucks Rewards account, select Account, Personal Info, and then enter your correct birth date in the Birthday field. Make sure to save the change. It can take up to 48 hours to update the request.

I was sick on my birthday and couldn’t get to Starbucks. Do I lose my Birthday Reward?

If you’re not available to visit a Starbucks on your birthday, try contacting Starbucks customer service to see if they will extend the date you can use your Birthday Reward.

I have multiple Starbucks Cards registered to my account, will I get more than one Birthday Reward?

No. You receive 1 Birthday Reward annually per account.

I didn’t get an email or a message 2 days before my birthday. How can I get my free drink?

If you don’t see the Birthday Reward on your app the day of your birthday, contact Starbucks customer service to verify you’re eligible.

I just joined Starbucks Rewards and my birthday is tomorrow. Can I get a Birthday Reward?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll need to have signed up at least 7 days before your birthday and also have made at least 1 Stars transaction, which means you need to have bought at least 1 thing from Starbucks using your app or Starbucks Rewards Card so it recorded your purchase and noted the Stars on your account.


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