Puppuccino (Starbucks Secret Menu): What It Is and How to Order It

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Got a sweet pup who would like a treat of their own at Starbucks? Get them a Puppuccino, a secret menu item just for dogs!

Starbucks Puppuccino (whipped cream) in a small plastic cup.


  • A Puppuccino is whipped cream in an espresso or short sized cup.
  • Combining the words “pup” and “cappuccino,” a Puppuccino is a Starbucks secret menu item that’s just for dogs.
  • Because Puppuccinos aren’t on the Starbucks official menu, you won’t see it listed as an item on the app.
  • Unlike other Starbucks secret menu items, Starbucks baristas will know what a Puppuccino is, so you can order it by name. Or you can just ask for a little whipped cream on the side.
  • A little whipped cream as a treat every once in a while is generally safe for most dogs unless they have digestive issues. But, it’s a good idea to ask your vet just to be sure.
  • It looks like Puppuccinos may make it onto the official Starbucks menu soon though, since Starbucks applied for the trademark “Puppuccino” in May 2021.

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Starbucks Puppuccino (whipped cream) in a small plastic cup.

How to Order a Puppuccino

“Can I get a Puppuccino?”

It’s pronounced PUP-OOH-CHEE-NOH.

Instead of saying Puppuccino, you can also ask for whipped cream for your dog.

How Much Does It Cost?

Puppuccinos are free!

But, it’s best to get it with a paid drink or leave a tip if you’re just getting the Puppuccino and nothing else.

Starbucks Secret Menu

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Questions You May Have

What’s in Starbucks whipped cream?

The whipped cream at Starbucks is made with cream and vanilla syrup. There’s sugar in the vanilla syrup.

Is there coffee in a Puppuccino?

Nope, it’s just sweetened whipped cream without any coffee.

What sizes are there for a Puppuccino?

There’s just one size for a Puppuccino but depending on the store, you may get it in an espresso cup or a short sized cup.

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