12 Best Dutch Bros Kids Drinks

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See a ranked list of the most popular Dutch Bros drinks for kids, from smoothies to lemonades.

Five Dutch Bros drinks.

Kids Drinks at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros has a Kids Menu, which features kid-friendly lower temperature hot drinks, no or low caffeine, and a smaller sized cup (10 ounces).

The 10 ounce kids drink size is available for: Dutch Frosts, Smoothies, Dutch Sodas, and Not So Hots (chocolate milk steamed to a kid-friendly warm temperature).

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Tips on Ordering Kids Drinks

Rebel drinks contain caffeine
Rebels are energy drinks and contain caffeine. If you want to get a fizzy drink that’s caffeine-free, order an Italian soda, which is made with syrup and soda water.

Just like an adult drink, you can order whipped cream, soft top, sprinkles or drizzles added to any kids drink.

Customize it
Any kids drink can be customized by adding or swapping out flavorings. Get a Not So Hot with caramel, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle for a special treat or order a secret menu Strawberry Italian Soda which is soda water, scoop of ice cream, and strawberry syrup.

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Caffeine in Kids Drinks

Although some of these top drinks have a good amount of sugar, like the Strawberry Smoothie with 45 g of sugars, they are caffeine-free or have very little caffeine.

The only caffeinated drinks on this list use Dutch Bros’ chocolate milk since there is a little caffeine in chocolate. The Not So Hot and (cold) Chocolate Milk each contain 8 mg of caffeine.

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12 Best Kids Drinks, Ranked

All drinks can be ordered in a kids cup, which is 10 ounces.

12. Chocolate Milk
This is the same chocolate milk that’s in their mocha drinks and it contains 8 mg of caffeine and 41 g of sugars in 10 ounces. Customize it by ordering it iced with soft top to make it extra delicious.

11. Strawberry Frost
Frosts are milkshakes with whipped cream at Dutch Bros and strawberry is a popular flavor for kids.

10. Chocolate Frost
This is a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream and it’s slightly more popular with kids than the strawberry. Customize it with caramel or chocolate drizzle for a special topping.

9. Tiger’s Blood Lemonade (Iced or Blended)
Lemonade with coconut and strawberry syrups is a popular choice. Order it blended if you want it to have a slushy consistency on a hot day.

8. Mango Smoothie
A fruit smoothie made from a fruit smoothie concentrate mix, is a summer favorite, especially in mango!

7. Strawberry Lemonade (Iced or Blended)
Just like with adults, strawberry lemonade is very popular with kids. Available iced or blended.

6. Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Iced or Blended)
Blue Raspberry is a popular Rebel and lemonade flavor and definitely popular with kids.

5. Lemonade (Iced or Blended)
A classic lemonade always hits the spot.

4. Cotton Candy Frost
Blue raspberry and white chocolate syrups are mixed into a milkshake to create this drink that’s popular with kids.

3. Birthday Cake Frost
This vanilla milkshake is flavored with white chocolate and Almond Roca syrups. Almond Roca tastes like toffee and chocolate. Customize it with whipped cream and birthday sprinkles to make it a party in a cup.

2. Strawberry Smoothie
The simpler drinks are the most popular with kids and adults, and this strawberry fruit smoothie is no exception.

1. Not So Hot Cocoa
Dutch Bros’ own chocolate milk is warmed to a kid-friendly temperature (100ºF) to make their popular hot cocoa. Ask for it with whipped cream if you like, and can be easily customized with other syrups to add flavor to the chocolate.


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